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◆ Farewell reception party ◆ «LASISA rule» About charter! Details of the details are stated!

4500 yen ~

In the case of a charter for 20 persons

Regarding charter, I wrote the contents to tell the customer the rules of our shop. Since it becomes notes for enjoying LASISA dining more than before, please view it before inquiry once and thank you!

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I'd like to use it for all customers at the time of charter, so I will summarize one example and notes on reservation below. «Notes» When you make a reservation, we have a system that can cancel after booking is confirmed but our shop is NG regarding basic cancellation. Thankfully we receive many inquiries from customers, so it will be troublesome for other customers who wish to make a reservation. Thank you for your understanding! «Example at the time of charter» 【Charged minimum rate】 ※ Please contact the shop if there are other requests! ◯ 10 to 14 guests per person \ 6000 (excluding tax) ~. ◯ 15 to 18 guests per person \ 5500 (excluding tax) ~. ◯ 19 people to 35 people per person \ 4500 (excluding tax) ~. ☆ Charge plan 【minimum fee】 ◯ 14 people ~ 17 people one person \ 5500 (tax included) ◯ 18 people ~ 35 people per person \ 4500 (tax included)

2018/12/27 update